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This Black and Blue Bugatti Chiron with 336 Miles is for Sale

You don’t have to stand in a queue or watch yourselves turn into a tree waiting for it to be made and delivered. This black and blue Bugatti Chiron can be bought right away.

Make no mistake, this one isn’t going to be cheap, even by hypercar standards. The seller – St. Louis Motorcars – hasn’t even mentioned the asking price for this black and blue Bugatti Chiron. If you are expecting the price tag to be mentioned in their online portal, then you aren’t a serious buyer. If you are serious enough to be considered as a prospective buyer, then make that call to (636) 489-3788. Bearing the VIN number VF9SP3V3XJM795072, this Chiron has been with the seller since September 2017.

So what do you get for a couple of million dollars which will bid farewell to your account the moment you take the decision to buy this Bugatti? An exotic hypercar which has got around 336 miles on the odometer. Basically, you can treat it as a new car as it’s barely-driven.

Bugatti Chiron Black and Blue

That color combination isn’t something which won any hearts here at The Supercar Blog bunker. Coupled with that, those hideously-ugly rubber bumper pads that are bound to be on the Chiron (thanks to US federal requirements) don’t help at all in changing our opinions. The new owner, if he happens to be based in another country, will immediately remove those things, right after taking delivery. Good choice!

How about the interior? Thankfully, it isn’t a loud explosion of flashy colors like the one sported by that Bugatti Chiron Sport which got delivered to a buyer in Qatar early this year. That one was a nightmare covered in a blinding shade of blue. In this case, there isn’t even a blue accent stitching on the inside and that’s surprising since the car comes with its wheels dipped in a gaudy shade of blue.

Bugatti Chiron Black and Blue

Power and mechanicals remain the same. So in case, the new owner wants to live the Chiron life rather than keeping the hypercar as a display piece inside a personal museum, the 8.0-liter W16 which draws out 1,479 hp of power will gladly satisfy his or her need for speed.

Source: St. Louis Motorcars

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