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Bugatti Chiron top speed run


Bugatti Chiron Effortlessly Achieves 261 MPH On a Straight

Just last week, we published a story about the Bugatti CEO voicing his opinion that top speed isn’t a priority for him and the Chiron might not make a top speed attempt. Fans of course are not very happy with the Boss’ comments with some even doubting the Chiron’s capability to best even the Veyron’s 267 mph.

Thanks to this video however, we can put those claims to rest.  As you can see in the video, the hypercar demonstrates its blistering acceleration and reaches the 261 mph mark without breaking a sweat.

The run took place at Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds in Florida. It covered 2.7 miles before reaching Vmax. If the Chiron could go 261 mph so effortlessly, we wonder what it could do on Bugatti’s proving ground at Ehra Lassien. But, then again, the comments from the Bugatti don’t exactly hint of any attempt at the top speed or is John Hennessey right in saying that the French automaker is ‘Sandbaggin.’

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