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US-Spec Bugatti Chiron bumper extensions


US-Spec Bugatti Chiron Bumper Extensions Look Horrible

The dreadful bumper protrusions are back! The US-spec Bugatti Chiron put on display at the 2017 New York Auto Show has the exact same rubber extensions as seen on past European imports.

Apparently, the Bugatti Chiron bumper extensions are solely for insurance reasons and have nothing to do with any kind of federal regulation. Jalopnik had a quick chat about the odd Chiron bumper with a Bugatti executive. According to the spokesman, the insurance company requires the vehicle to have low-speed bumper protection and hence the protrusions.

US-spec Lamborghini Countach bumper protection

Also, looks like Bugatti will deliver the US-spec Chiron with the bumper protection. However, we don’t think owner will retain them. Bugatti know this and have hence installed the rubber blocks with a few exposed screws for easy disassembly. Just in case the owner decides to remove them.

Source: Jalopnik

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