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Get ready for the world’s greatest exotic car tour with Ultimate Driving Tours

Purveyors of the world’s best exotic car tours, Ultimate Driving Tours are gearing up for an action-packed 2021, including their full calendar of luxury holidays in the USA, Europe, Britain and Australia.

The award-winning company’s signature offering is the European Supercar Tour, a 10-day ultra-luxe tour of Europe featuring a handpicked fleet of supercars and hospitality at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Anthony Moss from Ultimate Driving Tours gave us the scoop on the dream cars they have lined up for the next edition of their hallmark event.

“We built Ultimate Driving Tours out of a love for cars and the finer things in life.”

I’ve been involved in organising rallies and motorsport events for more than 15 years, and Julie (my partner and co-owner) is a travel and adventure lover, so we combined our biggest passions in life to perfect the Ultimate Driving Tours concept: bucket-list luxury driving holidays.

We wanted to create a set of tours that combine the most exclusive lifestyle experiences with the opportunity to drive the most exciting cars in the world.

Take a closer look at Ultimate Driving Tours’ signature European Supercar Tour

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The European Supercar Tour is our signature exotic car tour and it’s the highlight of the calendar every year—a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’, James Bond experience; although many guests end up joining us again and again.

Guests on the tour celebrate life at its best with 10 incredible days of driving, luxury accommodation, amazing food and wine, and great company.

We run the tour twice, with tour one commencing at Baden Baden in Germany and making its way to Nice for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Tour two begins with the weekend at the GP then drives the same incredible route in reverse, through France, Italy, Switzerland and Germany to end at Baden Baden.

So, guests can either start or end their tour aboard our superyacht for the Formula 1, where they can experience the thrills and excitement of the race in the lap of luxury, enjoying champagne, gourmet dining and the best live entertainment Monte Carlo has to offer.

Meet the fleet of supercars

It’ll come as no surprise that our guests often end up talking about the cars more than anything else at dinner time. We love hearing the lively discussions about which car was everyone’s favourite after a day of driving— and we always get some unique and interesting perspectives on what makes these cars so special!

When we were putting together the shortlist of cars for our flagship tour, we knew we had to bring out the best, the cream of the crop. And here they are…

  • Ferrari 812 Superfast

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The latest chapter in Ferrari’s rich lineage of monstrous V12 GTs is one of the best yet.

The 812 weighs in with an 800-horsepower naturally aspirated V12, perhaps the last of its kind to roll out of the Maranello factory.

It’s an astonishing engine that dominates the driving experience with its bottomless torque and rousing engine note.

Enzo Ferrari once said, “I build engines and attach wheels to them”. We think the 812 is the living embodiment of that mantra; it’s a fantastic car in every sense, but the thing you’ll never forget is feeling the pull and hearing the song of that engine—especially when, like our guests, you get to drive it on the balcony roads above Monaco…

Our guests always talk about…

The engine. The insane power and incredible engine note are definitely the two biggest talking points when it comes to the 812 Superfast.

  • Aston Martin DB11

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A James Bond-esque luxury holiday wouldn’t be complete without a Bond car. We love the DB11 for its unmatched blend of comfort, performance and sophistication.

It’ll fool you into thinking it’s a pussycat with its plush ride, but step on it and you’ll reveal a supremely competent driver’s car. And it’s even got special Bridgestone tyres—called 007, naturally.

Our European Supercar Tour guests love to channel their inner Bond as they pin back the ears in an Aston Martin climbing the Furka Pass in Switzerland, just like a modern day Goldfinger.

Our guests always talk about…

The looks. From its long sweeping bonnet, to the haunched rear wheel arches and boomerang-style rear lights that integrate seamlessly into its gorgeous rear end.

  • Audi R8 V10

Exotic Car Drives-11

Another member of the dying breed of naturally aspirated supercars, Audi’s R8 V10 is a modern classic thanks to its ease of use and howling 5.2L V10.

Julie and I have invested a lot of time over the years in finding new driving roads, and if we had to pick one car to jump in to test out a stretch of unfamiliar road, this might be it.

It’s just so user friendly, fast and competent. And the V10 really sings like no other engine type. Long live the naturally aspirated supercars!

Our guests always talk about…

The engine note, and how easy it is to drive. The howl of the Audi’s V10 is beautiful. It’s a shame this might be the last naturally aspirated one they ever make!

  • Bentley GT Continental

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The GT Continental is still the king of the long journey. The GTC looks better than ever after the recent facelift, and just as importantly, it drives better, too.

One thing that hasn’t changed is its unmatched ability to chew up long stretches of road like they weren’t even there.

With its powerhouse twin-turbo W12, the torque is mind-blowing at any part of the rev range, so you don’t have to think too hard about overtaking.

Inside it’s on another level of opulence, with its beautiful dual-veneered fascia contrasting classy piano black with wood grain, and the classic Breitling analogue clock.

Our guests always talk about…

The interior. A day spent in the GT Continental is like booking into a Mayfair penthouse. The detailing and comfort are sublime.

  • Ferrari 488

Exotic Car Drives-5

If we asked our guests what they thought the “best” car in our fleet was, the answer would probably be the Ferrari 488.

While the Lamborghinis draw the most attention with their looks and exhaust notes, guests’ reaction after driving the 488 is always the same: “it’s the best one”.

What I love about it most is that even though it’s a turbocharged engine, it still revs all the way to 8000rpm; it’s an absolute scream, and the way it chops up corners with surgical precision really inspires confidence—it shrinks around you, as all the best driver’s cars do.

Our guests always talk about…

Everything! The looks, the acceleration, the handling… there’s nothing the 488 doesn’t do spectacularly well, and it’s always a massive hit with our guests.

  • Lamborghini Huracan Performante

Exotic Car Drives-6


The “little Lambo” packs a serious punch in the Performante spec. It uses the same V10 as the Audi, but of course being a Lamborghini, it’s turned up to 11 and produces more than 630 horsepower.

This car was once the fastest production car ever round the Nürburgring, so to say it’s capable really sells it short—it’s astonishing.

With its active aerodynamics and clever 4WD system, it’s perfectly at home in any weather conditions, even up high in the cold alpine passes of Switzerland.

Our guests always talk about…

Like the R8, it’s the V10 engine. The wail of the V10 is really unique, just like a racing car. And it’s even louder and more addictive in the Huracan Performante than in the Audi.

  • McLaren 720S

Exotic Car Drives-7

The McLaren is perhaps the most technically impressive car of them all. More than anything else on this list, it feels like you’re driving a race car; it’s got truly mind-boggling capabilities thanks to its industry-best suspension system and twin-turbo V8 powertrain.

Despite “only” having 710 horsepower compared to the 740 in the Aventador and the big Ferrari’s 800, there’s no question which car in our fleet wins in a drag race—it’s the 720S.

And even with all its race car attitude and space-age looks, it’s still got cup holders!

Our guests always talk about…

The speed. The McLaren is something of a dark horse because the Lamborghinis and the Ferraris usually draw the crowds, but the McLaren is just SO fast; I think most people aren’t quite prepared for the breathtaking acceleration the 720S provides.

  • Mercedes AMG GT

Exotic Car Drives-8

The Mercedes AMG GT might seem a little outmatched in this sort of company, but it more than holds its own thanks to its devilish good looks and low-slung swagger.

This car bristles with energy, like a boxer wearing a dinner suit.

The driving position is as low as they come, and you sit right back over the rear axle. It’s got a real classic sports car look with its long bonnet and short tail. The bi-turbo V8 has a thick, rumbling burble that goes perfectly with the hot rod styling. And like all AMGs, the interior is a great place to spend time.

Our guests always talk about…

The looks. Everyone loves how this car looks, and we have to agree. It’s a stunner.

  • Porsche 911 GT3

Exotic Car Drives-9

Perhaps the best driver’s car of them all? It’s a big call to make, but if we had to choose our favourite drive, the 911 GT3 would certainly be in the conversation as a prime contender.

Driving this car is totally addictive; it feels nimble, eager, alive.

The 4-litre flat-6 engine is already a classic and just begs you to drive the car hard. And when you do, it’s peerless. So much grip, so much performance.

Enzo Ferrari used to say he sells you an engine and provides the rest of the car for free, well the men from Stuttgart could easily say the same thing about the GT3, if it weren’t for the fact the rest of the car is just as good!

Our guests always talk about…

The driveability. Porsche has built a reputation for building the best handling cars, and a lot of our guests often come to the same conclusion when they drive the GT3. It’s special.

  • Lamborghini Aventador S

Exotic Car Drives-10


Big, brash, loud, ostentatious, intoxicating and unforgettable. Just a few words that come to mind after driving the Aventador S.

While our guests tend to fall in love with the Ferraris, it’s always the Aventador they’re lusting after when they arrive.

Everything about this car is special, from its bespoke Pirelli tyres to its bruising 6.5 litre V12, which spits out 740 horsepower and propels it all the way up to 217mph. It’s a mind-bendingly fast car with a layered and memorable V12 soundtrack.

It’s not the most comfortable on a long drive, and there’s not much storage space in the cabin, but you’ll never hear anyone mention either of those things as they get out of its signature Lamborghini doors with a huge grin on their face.

Our guests always talk about…

How this car makes you feel. The Aventador has a special ability to make anyone feel like a big kid just by looking at it. And that feeling only intensifies when you open its scissor doors and start the engine…”

Upcoming highlights in the Ultimate Driving Tours calendar


Date Driving Tours Motorsport Hospitality
May 2021 European Supercar Tour Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo
July 2021 Swiss Alps Supercar Tour Goodwood Festival of Speed, UK
September 2021 Italian Supercar Tour Italian Grand Prix, Monza
October 2021 Ultimate USA Tour US Grand Prix, Austin


Head to the Ultimate Driving Tours website to book your luxury exotic car tour.

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