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Bugatti Chiron SS-300 MPH-Prototype-top-speed-record-2


Production-Spec Bugatti Chiron SS could debut at the Grand Fete

Earlier this week, a prototype Bugatti Chiron became the first road car to breach the 300 mph barrier. We are told that it might spawn a limited series model, which could be unveiled at the Grand Fete (the anniversary celebration of the Grand Tour). If you’ve been watching this space, you would know that we were expecting Bugatti to make some announcement during the month September 2019.

On Monday, Bugatti released a video showing a modified Chiron setting a top speed record of 304.77 mph. At the time, the automaker did not reveal any details about the car itself. However, our sources have been able to dig out some information about it.

Bugatti Chiron SS-300 MPH-Prototype-top-speed-record-5

We are told that the car was running on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires that were developed to handle loads that no other road car has ever experienced. Michelin tested the tires at more than 470 km/h. Each tire was x-rayed for imperfections before the run. More importantly, these were street legal tires. This also suggests that Bugatti might be planning to put this car into production. It might see a limited run and if we were to hazard a guess, it might be called the Chiron SS, or something on those lines.

Bugatti Chiron SS-300 MPH-Prototype-top-speed-record-3

It is likely that the Chiron SS could be powered by the same updated engine from the Centodieci. It’s an 8.0-liter W16, quad-turbocharged unit that develops 1600 hp @ 7000 rpm. Also note that the record-setting prototype had a similar exhaust setup to the Centodieci, which again, leads us to speculate that these cars might have something in common.

The Grand Tour is currently underway in Europe. Perhaps, we might get to hear something from Bugatti later this week.

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