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Koenigsegg to close down Nevada highway for top speed record attempt

Hennessey recently claimed that its Venom F5 will be the first production car to crack 300 mph. Koenigsegg seems to have accepted the challenge and will be attempting a top speed record soon.

Koenigsegg has received a special permit from the Nevada Department of Transportation to use a 11-mile section of state Route 160 to attempt a new speed record for production cars. A section of the highway between Las Vegas and Pahrump will closed down on Saturday and Sunday for this purpose.


It has been reported that Koenigsegg will be using the One:1 hypercar to set the speed record. It is the fastest Koenigsegg ever built and has 1360 hp or 1 mega watt which has earned it the nickname – ‘Megacar’.

So, will the Koenigsegg One:1 beat Venom F5’s claimed 300 mph top speed? How will Bugatti respond to this? These are some of the questions that are troubling us at this moment. We are hoping to hear a formal announcement from Koenigsegg soon.

Source: Nevada Review Journal

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