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Ferrari’s McLaren Artura rival spotted; rumored to have 750 hp!

Ferrari’s first V6 model since the Dino and the first V6-hybrid supercar is taking shape even as we speak. New spy images of the car have now surfaced online, revealing what could be its final shape.

Ferrari Dino-F171-V6-Hybrid Supercar-2

The new V6-hybrid supercar codenamed F171 is expected to lock horns with the McLaren Artura. However, it might pack a few more horses than its rival. It is likely to be powered by a 3.0-liter, twin-turbo V6 producing 598 hp. The internal combustion engine will be complemented by an electric motor. The combined output could be around 710 hp. Although, recent rumors put the peak output at around 750 hp. Unlike the V8-hybrid SF90 Stradale, the F171 will be rear-wheel drive.

Ferrari Dino-F171-V6-Hybrid Supercar-1

The styling of the F171 appears to be based on Ferrari’s new design language that was first adopted for the SF90 Stradale. The car has a low scuttle and flat nose section. It has vents on either side just like the SF90. The rear decklid appears to be at a lower level than the roofline. This could be due to the smaller sized engine that is likely to be mounted as low as possible.

It is still not clear if the new V6-hybrid model will replace the F8 Tribute in Ferrari’s lineup.

Source: Autoevolution

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