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Ferrari Purosangue SUV: 5 New Details Revealed

The new info on the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue SUV comes straight from the chief technical officer Michael Leiters.

The Ferrari Purosangue SUV will be the first of its kind to gallop out of Ferrari’s stables. Once it reaches dealers in 2022, the SUV will be competing with the likes of the Lamborghini Urus and the Aston Martin DBX. It could even eat into the sales of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and the Bentley Bentayga.

Autocar spoke to chief technical officer Michael Leiters recently and he shared some new details on the Purosangue and a bunch of challenges that the team is facing while working on the SUV project with the codename 175.

The CTO divulged fresh information on the first-ever SUV to bear the Prancing Horse logo.

1. The Purosangue is going to be a 5-meter-long four-seater much like the Urus and the Aston Martin DBX.

2. SF90 Stradale-derived plug-in hybrid tech, height-adjustable suspension, and an advanced anti-roll system have been confirmed to be part of the features list.

3. The front-engined architecture used in the Purosangue can accommodate V6, V8 and V12 engines. Plus, it has the scalability to incorporate hybridization no matter which of the aforementioned motors are chosen. Ferrari’s upcoming front-mid-engined GT cars will employ the same architecture.

4. The platform has been designed and engineered to support RWD and AWD systems.

5. Two-plus-two and four-seat layouts can be configured which lets the carmaker build and launch multiple vehicles based on the same platform.

Ferrari Purosangue SUV Test Mule

Leiters said, “The challenge is to open a new segment for Ferrari. We always have very, very sharp positioning. It helps to develop cars in a certain, focused manner and easily decide certain trade-offs. The trade-off decision is totally different for us here. We will have totally new engineering challenges.”

There are also engineering challenges. He added, “With space, how can we ensure that there is the right easy, ergonomic comfort on board? How to combine the sporty layout with a more comfort-orientated design? What to do with HMI [human machine interface]? Our HMI is driver-orientated, but how can it be more democratic? What are the comfort features? What is a Ferrari’s pure DNA on a car for comfort? It’s a challenge, an opportunity and fun. I like it very much. Some concepts are close together, but with cars like 175 one thing we want to do is structure the product range and have something different.”

Once launched, the Ferrari Purosangue will direct the supercar manufacturer in an interesting new path which it has never taken before. And that makes 2022 one of the most important years in Ferrari’s illustrious history.

Source: Autocar

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