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McLaren F1 drift-fanchracing-1


Would you dare drift a $20 million McLaren F1 like this?

A video of a McLaren F1 is going viral on social media. The short clip shows the $20 million hypercar doing powerslides on a public road.

A favourite among supercar collectors, the McLaren F1 is one of those hypercars that is often locked up in a hermetically sealed garage. It is driven sparing so that it retains its value. Drifting a collectable like the F1 is probably the last thing on any owner’s mind.

This McLaren F1 owned by @fanchracing, is no garage queen. He drives the car regularly and isn’t afraid to pull off some drifts occasionally.

This could be one of the rarest onboard footages of a McLaren F1 powersliding on public roads.

Source: @mclarenf1gt

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