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McLaren F1-Topaz-Wash


Washing a $23 Million McLaren F1: How hard can it be?

There are fewer stressful jobs in this world than handling someone’s McLaren F1. But, Topaz Detailing are used to working with super-expensive hypercars. In their latest video, they show us the full process of washing a $23 million exotic.

While all cars that enter Topaz’s washing bay go through the same process, with cars like the F1, the technicians have to be a little more careful. This particular F1 had just returned from a road trip to Spa Francorchamps and mostly had bugs, road grime and brake dust on it.

This car will be getting the Topaz skin treatment as well. We will get to see that process in a future video.

The McLaren F1 is one of the most valuable supercars today. As you’d expect, maintaining one isn’t cheap either. In fact, the tires alone cost $7,000, but it is said that McLaren charges $50,000 to replace a full set.

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