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Lamborghini Urus-Beach-Sabbia Mode


Watch the Lamborghini Urus remodel a Beach in Portugal in Sabbia Mode

The Sabbia Mode will be the driving mode of choice for the Middle East owners of the Lamborghini Urus and the latest promo video showcases it pretty well.

Easily the best-selling product in the Italian carmaker’s range, the Lamborghini Urus is quite a smash hit in the Middle East. The oil barons in that part of the world love the Urus as much as the celebrities in Hollywood. So Lamborghini does take time to create promotional campaigns catering to the lucrative Middle East market. Sample the one in the video below which showcases the Lamborghini Urus having a good time on the beach, thanks to the Sabbia Mode.

Featuring a convoy of the super-fast SUV, the video was filmed in Nazare, Portugal, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The promo clip shows the fleet of Urus being commandeered through a variety of off-road terrain. A perfect opportunity to flip through the various driving modes of the high-performance SUV, the latest video focuses on the off-road ones – Terra and Sabbia.

The Urus has six driving modes in total – Sport, Corsa, Strada, Neve, Terra, and Sabbia. While the first three are meant to get the best out of the machine on the tarmac, the last three are intended to take on the surprises which off-road adventures have to throw at the expensive Lambo.

The Anima selector is an excellent system to flip through the modes. Though Urus customers will mostly be using the first three modes, it’s good to be aware that the other three off-road modes work like a charm when called upon.

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