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Hennessey Corvette ZR1-HPE1200-dyno


Watch the Hennessey Corvette ZR1 HPE1200 on the Dyno

Look what we have here! It’s the absolutely mental 1,139 hp Hennessey Corvette ZR1. The HPE1200 pack is doing just fine in this dyno video.

Hennessey Performance has released a new video on their YouTube channel giving us a glimpse of how an HPE1200 pack-endowed Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 is faring on the dyno testing rounds. By the looks of it, the souped-up sports car is doing great.

Churning out 1139 rear wheel hp and 994 rear wheel lb-ft of torque on Shell E85 pump fuel at 24 psi boost pressure, the Hennessey version easily demonstrates how much of a badass it can be when unleashed on a track.

The official numbers for the HPE1200 pack are 1,200 hp and 1,066 lb-ft at the crank. With race fuel, these numbers will be a walk in the park for the tuned and upgraded ZR1. Even with 93 octane fuel, Hennessey ZR1 manages to churn out 1,100 horses. More impressive, if you ask us.

We’d love to see this specific example in one of the Texas-based tuner’s roll racing videos. Perhaps they should bring in a serious contender from Italy for the testing videos. How about the Ferrari 812 Superfast?

Source: Hennessey Performance

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