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Video: Dodge Demon Catches Fire and Burns to a Crisp

Fans of the Dodge Demon are not going to like this video of the drag strip-hugging Challenger meeting with a fiery end.

Nobody knows for sure as to what exactly happened here. The end result is obvious. A Dodge Demon has left this world to meet its maker back in Hell. Moreover, there are multiple posts on Instagram and a video on YouTube which give us skeletal information on how the souped-up Dodge Challenger went up in flames.

Instagram users @gtfivehunnit and @sinister_lifetsyle have posted videos and photos of the Dodge Demon losing the war to the flames. One of them mentions that the car met with the tragic end because of the transmission exploding.

However, Tire Meets Road claims that the mishap took place when the Demon was clocking 170 mph and we are talking about public roads here. Their report also states that the car was modified which may have led to the transmission blowing up.

Interestingly enough, the videos and pics show the muscle car sporting the drag-specific radials at the front. Those tires which come bundled with the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon are supposed to be used when the owner wants to put some quarter-mile times on the drag strip. Not on highways.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and Dodge, in particular, would be anxious like to know what exactly led to the fire.

Source: Motor1

Screen Grabs: Zaimiam Lifestyle

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