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AMG One-Top Gear


Top Gear Previews the Mercedes-AMG ONE Hypercar

While we might not see the hypercar for another year, we’d consider ourselves well fed as long as we keep receiving glimpses like this.

Since its reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2017, we have been seeing the Mercedes-AMG One quite frequently. But, thanks to Top Gear which brought the hypercar over to their studio, we have got our most detailed look at it yet. What’s more the video even shows small glimpses of the hypercar testing around the Milbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, England. As a result, we also get to hear the sound from the F1 adopted powertrain. Skip over to 2:50 to listen to the AMG One for the first time.

We already know a lot about the AMG hypercar already, but thanks to the video we now know a little bit more. Last year, AMG Boss Tobias Moers announced that the AMG One will be making a record attempt at the Nurburgring. In his latest claim, as Top Gear’s Jack Rix informs us that the hypercar will also be breaking some records at shorter tracks. “Around a shorter track, this (AMG One) vs a full-blown F1 car would be a lot closer than we think,” Moers said.

When it comes to aero, Mercedes has left no stone unturned. The AMG One has all the active aero armory you would expect on an F1 inspired hypercar: active flaps on the front air-intakes, vents on the front wheel arch, a huge roof-scoop, NACA ducts, prominent shark fin, an electrically deployable rear wing and huge diffusers at the rear. AMG engineers have even discarded the Mercedes badge on the front for an airbrushed logo in order to reduce drag and weight.

All in all, the AMG One is turning out to be one tough competition for the Aston Martin Valkyrie. As Rix pus it, “just like the P1, the 918 Spyder and the LaFerrari defined their era, this incredible machine and the Valkyrie are about to do the same, albeit by taking us to an even more extreme place.”

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