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Koenigsegg Stand Plan


The Koenigsegg stand at the Geneva Motor Show might look like this

Koenigsegg will put on a bigger show this year at the Geneva Motor Show and they will be present exactly opposite Bugatti in hall no. 1.

Earlier, we had reported that the hypercar maker will have a 3-4 car line up. Sources have told us that Koenigsegg will in fact have three cars on display. This rendering shows how their Geneva stand might look like.

We already have confirmed information about the two cars that will be presented this year. These include the Mission 500 Concept and the new 2+2 codenamed KG12. The former is Koenigsegg’s answer to the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, while the KG12 will be an all-new model featuring a 2+2 layout and a rather unconventional powertrain.

As far as the third car is concerned, we have heard numerous unconfirmed reports about of what it might be. We will share more information on it as and when it’s available. So, stay tuned!

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