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Fire Damaged McLaren 570S-Las Vegas


Royalty Exotics checks out on the fire damaged McLaren 570S

You may have seen videos of the McLaren 570S that caught fire in Las Vegas last week. At first glance, it seemed like it was a rental owned by Royal Exotic Cars. So, the guys went out to check if the car was from their fleet.

The latest video gives us a good look at the extent of the damage caused by the fire. As you will see, this 570S is beyond repair and is likely to be headed for the scrap heap. Fortunately, for the guys at Royalty Exotic Cars, this McLaren, although a similar spec, was not their car.

While the guys did inquire about the reason behind the fire, they didn’t get a clear answer from any of the witnesses. It seems like the fire may have started due to petrol fumes coming in contact with the hot exhaust.

A similar incident was reported in Philadelphia, where a McLaren 765LT caught fire while being refueled. In the case of the 570S, the fire department was able to douse the flames before they engulfed the whole car. The 765LT though wasn’t that lucky.

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