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McLaren 570S-Fire-Las Vegas


McLaren 570S goes up in flames in Las Vegas

A video of a McLaren 570S on fire is going viral on social media. This is the second such incident involving a McLaren supercar in just 2 months.

The video is said to have been captured at a fuel station in Las Vegas. The left rear is engulfed in flames, which leads us to suspect that it might have been caused due to a spillover and may not be a mechanical issue.

You may recall that a McLaren 765LT was completely destroyed in a blaze recently. It too was at a filling station when it caught fire. While we still don’t know what caused the fire, it too might have been a result of a spillover. Unfortunately, the 765LT was completely gutted within minutes and couldn’t be saved.

We just have a short video clip of the Las Vegas incident and hence we don’t know if the 570S survived and met a similar fate to the 765LT.

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