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Ferrari 296 GTB-Novitec-2


Novitec transforms the Ferrari 296 GTB into an angry animal

Novitec has released performance upgrades for the Ferrari 296 GTB. This video proves that the changes have certainly transformed the car into a brute.

Currently, the tuner offers bolt-on upgrades, including exhausts with stainless steel tailpipes, turbo inlet, wheels and suspension springs. The exhaust and intake boost the engine output from 818 hp to 868 hp, while the wheels and springs give it lowered, sporty stance.

Ferrari 296 GTB-Novitec-1

As you may be aware, the 296 GTB is powered by a 3.0-liter, V6 engine paired with a hybrid system. While the overall performance is great, the exhaust note isn’t anything to write home about. It just doesn’t sound as engaging as a V8.

Novitec has addressed this issue with its exhaust upgrade. The aftermarket setup makes the car sound angry, just the way a supercar should.

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