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Nico Rosberg Mercedes AMG One


Nico Rosberg is Getting a Mercedes-AMG One

As one would expect, a number of Formula 1 drivers have signed up for the F1-inspired Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. We already know that Lewis Hamilton has been involved in the project since its conception and is helping with its development. Today, we have learned about another F1 driver who is getting the One: Nico Rosberg. The retired F1 driver and 2016 World Champion recently posted a video on his Youtube Channel. He was invited to Munich to spec his AMG One.

And who better to show us around an F1-inspired hypercar than a person who has been associated with the sport for more than a decade. Upon seeing the AMG One, Rosberg remarks on the low race-like seating position and the F1 steering wheel, which he says has the same paddles as the ones he had on his Mercedes-Petronas F1 car. Also, thanks to the video, we have got one of the best look yet at the AMG one since the unveiling at Frankfurt Motor Show last year.

The retired F1 driver is currently contemplating on the spec for his AMG One and has even asked his viewers to help him with the customization. Rosberg should be one of the first people to get the AMG One delivered but that would still take more than a year since the production is delayed due to development issues.

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