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Mercedes-AMG Project One


AMG One is the Official Name of Mercedes’ Project ONE Hypercar

AMG One! Yes that’s the official name for the Project ONE hypercar from Mercedes-AMG. You are seeing it first here.

While the Project ONE is currently being road tested at a secret facility in England, customers have assembled in Munich to spec their cars and sign the official contract. Thanks to the power of social media, we were able to dig out the final name of the car. It seems Mercedes-AMG, unlike Aston Martin didn’t go too creative while naming its new hybrid hypercar.

All 275 units of the AMG One have been sold out with 55 being allocated to the United States. The price of the car is $2.7 million, but for most of the customers it will surely reach north of $3 million considering the customization options available. Mercedes have said that they have been working on the hypercar behind closed doors for the past several months. And since road testing has begun, we suspect production of the AMG One is not far off.

While we now know the name of the car, its final powertrain and performance specs are still a mystery. We hope to unearth those details too and will publish them here as soon as possible. So, keep watching this space.


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