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Bugatti Chiron-SS-prototype-scoop


Mystery Bugatti Chiron Prototype Caught on Video

Besides the Chiron R, Bugatti seems to have something else in the pipeline for 2020.

This video, which recently surfaced on Instagram reveals a prototype Chiron. While it does look different to the regular Chiron, it’s unlikely to be the Chiron R. The test car has a different front bumper that looks similar to that on the Chiron SS 300+. The headlights appear to be re-profiled for a more meaner look. Besides that, the horseshoe grille is unlike any Chiron we’ve seen before and is wider at its lowest point.

The protoytpe appears to have a redesigned front splitter. Moving to the side, the distinct vents behind the front fenders and on the side skirts are similar to the Chiron SS 300+. However, unlike the record-setting car, it does not have an elongated rear deck lid. The rear diffuser and exhaust setup is more like the regular Chiron as well.

So, what could this be? Is it the Chiron Super Sport without the crazy 300+ mph top speed?

Source: @supercar_den via Instagram

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