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Michael Fassbender: Road to Le Mans YouTube Series looks Promising

X-Men leading man, Michael Fassbender is serious about racing cars and the new series chronicles the actor’s quest to find his place in the arena of motorsports.

Let’s admit it. Michael Fassbender is the best thing in even the worst of X-Men main saga movies. Yep, even in the critically-panned Dark Phoenix, Fassbender’s Magneto was fabulous to watch. He is also one of the few actors in Hollywood who has been serious about motorsports. And now we hear that YouTube will begin streaming a new series “Road to Le Mans” to give viewers an inside look of Fassbender’s attempt to break into the big league.

Porsche is also involved in the production of the series and it’s obvious as to why. Michael Fassbender will be piloting a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup racing machine as he battles with some of the finest racing drivers at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Michael Fassbender’s previous mainstream racing experience includes that brief stint at the Daytona Ferrari Challenge. The actor drove a 670 hp Ferrari 488 Challenge during that racing series and even won the first race. That’s strong proof suggesting that this man has the actual talent to be a proper racing driver.

On a related note, Michael Fassbender spending more time behind the wheel of track cars further cements the rumor that he is taking a long break from acting. It’d be a huge loss for fans of the actor if that indeed turns out to be the truth. While we do like to see him pursuing his passion for racing, we’d still like to enjoy his performances on the big screen.

Road to Le Mans will be available on YouTube from October 11 and new episodes are set to be added on a weekly basis.

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