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Ferrari 488 Challenge- HR Owens London


Ferrari 488 Challenge Drops by H.R.Owens in London

A Ferrari 488 Challenge recently dropped by H.R. Owens in London. Sadly, we can’t hear the awesome V8 twin-turbo engine as it had to be pushed into the showroom.

 Just look at it. The 488 Challenge with its massive rear wing and low slung race car bodywork looks insane. So insane, that a 458 Speciale owners stopped by to check it out.

The 488 Challenge is based on the 488 GTB and replaces the 458-based race car. It made its deubt in 2016 at the Finali Mondiali event at Daytona International Speedway.

Compared to its predecessor, the new model has a more powerful engine which is 43 pounds lighter than the old naturally aspirated V8. The engine puts out 660 hp making it most powerful motor ever fitted to a Challenge car. Even the exhaust is 19 pounds lighter than before.

Ferrari 488 Challenge at H.R.Owens in London:

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