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McLaren Senna-Nurburgring


McLaren Senna recalled for fire risk, again

McLaren is recalling more than 2700 supercars to fix an issue that is believed to increase the risk of a fire.

The list of models that have been affected by this recall include 157 units of the McLaren Senna. The automaker is also recalling the McLaren GT, 570GT and the 720S.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a foam pad mounted under the fuel tank that is meant to dampen vibrations may retain moisture and could corrode the fuel tank over time. This could lead to a fuel leak. If the problem isn’t addressed, fuel could leak out, which increases the risk of fire.

Earlier, McLaren had recalled 129 units of the Senna for a similar issue. However, back then, the culprit was found to be the outer sleeves of the engine wiring harness.

Source: Bloomberg

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