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McLaren Senna Hypercar Recalled in the US

129 examples of the McLaren Senna hypercar sold in the United States have been recalled.

McLaren has issued a statement to its dealers in the United States to bring in and repair 129 McLaren Senna hypercars sold in the country prior to 8th August 2019. The recall has been initiated after McLaren discovered a faulty engine wiring harness in one of the customer vehicles on 1st August 2019.

The outer sleeves of the engine wiring harness had chafing which led to the carmaker initiating a test sampling of 61 Sennas. Out of these cars, 15 percent of units sold had some level of wear and tear on the harness caused by the component coming in contact with a metal link pipe heatshield. Prolonged contact with the same wears out the harness and exposes the wires inside it.

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Once the wires are exposed, a variety of issues could be triggered including torque limitation, stalling, engine misfire, the hypercar entering limp home mode, and unburnt fuel entering the catalytic converter. All of which can lead to expensive repairs and create a lot of inconvenience to customers.

The repair/replacement of the faulty component can be completed by the dealer in 1.85 hours. McLaren has added that it “is not aware of any incidents in the field, warranty claims or customer complaints involving engine harness chaffing”.

Source: NHTSA

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