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McLaren P1-silver-China-crash


McLaren P1 damaged in a traffic accident in China

A McLaren P1 has crashed in China. Reports suggest that the owner was en route to Huizhou for the ‘Chinese New Year’ when the P1 collided with another car.

Looking at the images that are circulating on social media, it seems the P1 was involved in a minor accident. It’s only the front left corner that appears to have sustained damage. However, replacing the carbon fibre fender, splitter and headlamp will not be cheap.

Given the relatively light damage sustained by the McLaren P1, it seems unlikely that anyone was hurt in the accident. The condition of the other car that was involved in the crash is not known.

In 2016, a similar silver McLaren P1 was wrecked in China. We are still trying to figure out if the same car was involved in the latest crash.

Another P1 had met a similar fate in 2020. Back then, a yellow example was crashed by the owner’s associate.

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