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Mclaren-BP23-test Mule


McLaren BP23 Hyper GT Supercar teaser images out!

Mclaren will unveil two ultimate series cars within the next two years. One of them will be a track focused monster, the other one will be a more comfort oriented Hyper GT. Code named BP23, it will resurrect the central-driving position first introduced in the legendary F1. Now, McLaren has released two teaser images of a BP23 Hyper GT test mule. Aside from the camouflage, what is striking is the central-driving position. If McLaren is not working on some special edition 720S with central driving position, this has to be the mule for the Hyper GT.

There's something very unusual about this #McLaren 720S. Can you guess why?

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The BP23 which stands for ‘Bespoke Project 2 with 3 seats’ will be the fastest McLaren ever,  surpassing the 240 mph top speed of the Mclaren F1. The 4.0-liter V8 borrowed from the 720S will be combined with a hybrid system for a total output north of 1000 hp. All this puts the car into the same league as the Koenigsegg Regera and Bugatti Chiron, both of which are more focused on comfort and top speed than agility and track performance.

Its great to see another league of hypercars being born, ones focused on comfort and luxury in contrast to the track focused trinity of Aston Martin Valkyrie, Mercedes-AMG Project One and the Mclaren P15.

Another clue….

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Also, similar to the Mclaren F1, the BP23 will be produced in 106 units total. All of which have been sold out. We may finally see the first glimpse of the car in early 2018, before production starts an year later.

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