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Leaked! Lamborghini SVR Track Monster Looks like Le Mans Race Car

Image removed due to copyright claim.

A few months back, Lamborghini had released a teaser video of its upcoming V12 track car. We think it might be called the Lamborghini SVR, however we will have to wait for the official announcement.

With that said, we’ve already got a sneak preview of the new track supercar through the teaser video. Now, here is the actual car in all its glory.

The leaked image gives us a good look at the side profile of the SVR. It looks almost looks like a Le Mans race car that is not meant to be driven by amateur drivers. The car has an extremely low slung front end and raked windshield. The swooping rear clamshell appears to have a ducktail spoiler with an enormous rear wing mounted on top. It also appears to have a rather large rear diffuser. The text on the door reads – “Attention: Fast Machine” in Italian.

Sources have told us that the new track car is likely to be powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine producing around 830 hp. We are told that the engine is a lot lighter than a regular Lambo V12 and it revs to 9000 rpm! It will be mated to a new 6-speed Xtrac gearbox.

It is said that production could be limited to 40 units and the first cars are likely to be delivered in 2021.

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