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Lamborghini track-only-hypercar-Aventador SVR-5


Lamborghini’s V12 Track-only Hypercar Video Teaser

Yesterday, we brought you the first look at Lamborghini’s V12-powered track-only hypercar. Now, here’s the full teaser video.

Sources have told us that Lamborghini’s new track weapon could be called the Aventador SVR. The will be powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine producing around 830 hp. We are told that the engine is a lot lighter than a regular Lambo V12 and it revs to 9000 rpm! It will be mated to a new 6-speed Xtrac gearbox.

And as you can see is some of the shots here, it looks like a proper race car. The prototype clearly has a vented bonnet and scissor doors similar to the Aventador. Next-up, it is sporting a ginormous diffuser at the back and equally massive spoiler. You can also see the twin exhausts sticking out of the back and the centre-mounted rain light. Further, in the front, you can see an adjustable splitter with dive planes on either end and hexagonal headlights.

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