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Lamborghini Aventador SVR V12 Engine Sound


Track-only Lamborghini Aventador SVR fires-up its V12 Engine

Lamborghini has released a new video, which shows the V12 hypercar’s engine being fired up for the first time. Moreover, it’s a treat for the ears.

Lamborghini’s new V12 hypercar is believed to be called the Aventador SVR. It has been developed by Squadra Corse. The hypercar will be powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine, which produces 830 hp. We are told that the SVR will be a track-only hypercar and could be offered as part of a racetrack experience package.

Previous teasers reveal a car that has a wedge profile and a low front scuttle with a pair nostrils on the bonnet. It appears to have a double splitter as well. It has that massive fixed spoiler at the rear and an equally aggressive diffuser. It also has a double roof scoop and a unique set of wheels.

Production of the Aventador SVR is said to be limited to 40 units and the first cars could be delivered in 2021.

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