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The brand name itself is spelled wrong on the infotainment system.


The Lamborghini Urus is Plagued with Software Bugs

A Lamborghini Urus belonging to a customer from Toronto, Canada has got tons of software bugs, including misspelled words in the infotainment system.

Going by the report on CarBuzz, a Lamborghini Urus customer from Toronto, Canada – CarNut on Instagram – is having some software bugs plaguing his all-new Lamborghini Urus. It started with the infotainment system spelling out the brand name wrong as “Lanborghini”.

He contacted the dealer requesting to fix the trivial yet not-so-acceptable error in the super-SUV. The Urus was checked in for a software update and then returned to the owner. Then all hell broke loose.

First up, the wrong spelling stayed. Now, if that wasn’t enough, a range of new errors surfaced. Apple CarPlay stopped working over Wi-Fi. Siri over Bluetooth has an odd pop-up coming up which has to be pressed to be removed. At the rear, the courtesy lights are no longer functioning and the hatch won’t open via the foot sensor. To wind up the list, the steering wheel heater has a cooling icon now.

The dealer was extremely courteous though, offering to replace the software bug-ridden Urus with a new one – an offer which CarNut politely refused. Apparently, there are other examples of the Lamborghini Urus running around with similar software flaws and the manufacturer may take a couple of months to resolve the bugs.

It’s both bizarre and careless from a brand like Lamborghini to have failed in weeding out errors before launching a $230,000 super-SUV like the Urus. Anyway, now that the topic is grabbing eyeballs, the carmaker will be prioritizing the matter, aiming for a quick resolution.

Source: CarBuzz

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