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Lamborghini Urus
The desert is her playground!


Watch a Lamborghini Urus Having Fun in the Middle East Desert

We’d like to think of this as a teaser to a longer and more action-packed desert bashing video starring the Lamborghini Urus.

Towards the end of 2017, we got a preview of what the Lamborghini Urus was capable of as a proper off-roader when the Italians released a camouflaged version on a desert in the Middle East. It did put up a jaw-dropping show, conveying the message clearly. The Urus can do dune bashing with ease and style. Fast forward to 2018, and we have the Lambo SUV on sale at the dealership near you. The Middle East is lapping up the Urus in large numbers. So this was bound to happen.

Lamborghini Urus

Some Urus clients don’t mind getting some sand into their shoes. Check out the video uploaded on the Instagram handle of Arab Cars and you’ll see one such owner having some good old-fashioned fun with the SUV in the desert.

Though this can’t be treated as dune bashing or as a stunt superior to what the manufacturers showcased in their teaser video from a year ago, it’s still exciting to see that the Urus is not being reduced to a city-prowler. At least, in this case, the Sabbia mode which is meant for sand driving is being put to test and good use.

We hope to see a longer video with a bit more desert action from these guys. And someday they may pull off the “sidewall skiing” stunt that the Arabs are renowned for. Let’s give it a couple more years for that to happen, though.

Source: Arab Cars Instagram Handle

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