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Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Pebble Beach 2.1


Lamborghini is Planning an Aston Martin Valkyrie Rival

Lamborghini is yet to reveal the long-rumored hybrid hypercar but is already planning to build another. Speaking to Autocar, Stefano Domenicali, the firm’s CEO said that the Italian marque is considering a new hypercar that would feature extreme-aero to compete with the likes of Aston Martin Valkyrie and McLaren Senna. Whether the new model would be closer to the Senna or the Valkyrie in terms of price was not revealed. However, we are willing to bet on the latter.

Lamborghini’s motivation to build such a track-oriented, aero-focused model comes from its recent success with aerodynamics. The Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva or the ALA on the Huracan Performante helped it break the Nurburgring lap record in 2017. The clever system used electrically actuated flaps on the front splitter and on the engine lid to alternatively increase downforce and reduce drag. This helped the Performante be quick around corners without sacrificing straight-line performance.

More recently, the Aventador SVJ debuted with a an even more advanced version of the active-aero system called the ALA 2.0. The SVJ currently holds the record for the fastest production car around Nurburgring. For the extreme-aero car, we would expect Lamborghini to turn up its aero game to eleven, which it would really need to if it plans to compete with the Valkyrie or the Senna.

It will also be interesting to know if Lamborghini plans to take the route of the latest track focused hypercar like the Valkyrie and the AMG One and go the hybrid route. In any case, we hope to learn more about this car and if we do, we’ll surely update you on the same.

Source: Autocar

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