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Lamborghini Centenario Roadster HR Owen


Lamborghini Centenario Roadster Looks Absurd on London Streets

HR Owen, the guys who gave us a sneak peek at their Ferrari service center recently, brought down a Centenario Roadster at their Lamborghini dealership in London. Unsurprisingly, it caused a raucous among supercar spotters and strollers alike. The Centenario Roadster looks absolutely insane. It screams Lamborghini from all angles. But, even by Lamborghini’s standards, its aesthetics are extreme. Just look at the Aventador SV parked beside it in the video for reference. The Centenario makes the SV look “pretty normal.”

Nardo Grey or Grigio Telesto, as Lamborghini likes to call it and orange stripes in and around the car only add to the aesthetic absurdity of the hypercar. Then there’s the sound of the naturally aspirated V12 which is even fiercer than the Aventador’s shriek, which it produces thanks to a slew of upgrades that also add 70 hp to the base Aventador for a total of 770 hp.

The Centenario creates an event wherever it goes and this example is currently on sale at the dealership for £3.7 million ($4.8 million). For that, you not you get a rare supercar, but also the ability to make jaws drop wherever you go. Check this video out for a demo.

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