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Ferrari SP12 EC Eric Clapton


Eric Clapton’s Ferrari SP12 EC is Inspired by the 512 BB

HR Owen, who are the authorized dealer for Ferrari in London recently invited a number of Youtubers for a visit to their facility. What happens in a top-secret Ferrari workshop? Well, watch and drool.

Among the many special Ferraris you will see including classics and limited editions, the SP12 EC probably stands out. It’s one of Ferrari’s special project cars for when the limited edition cars are too common for you. It was commissioned by singer-songwriter and celebrity Eric Clapton in 2012 for no less than $4.7 million. As you can make out, the SP12 stands for the 12th special project by Ferrari, while EC of course are the celebrity owner’s initials. Interestingly, the SP12 EC was actually the 11th special project. But, it was allocated the number ’12’ on Clapton’s request as 3 is his lucky number.

The SP12 EC pays tribute to the iconic 512 Berlinetta Boxer which is parked right beside the SP12 EC in the video. The one-off is based on a 458 Italia chassis, as one can easily make out. It might not have the V12, but stylistic cues on the one-off definitely point to the 512BB including the grill, slats on the hood and the black panel above the engine bay. The car itself is finished in a beautiful Rosso Fiorano shade. The 458’s interior however seems to have been left untouched.

Besides the SP12 EC, there are a slew of Ferraris from the classic and modern periods. To list just a few of them, there are two F40s, a 599 GTO, a 330 GT, a couple of Testarossas, a grey LaFerrari, a 488 Challenge, a 575 Superamerica, a beautifully specced 458 Speciale Aperta and a F12 tdf. Just the names of these cars mentioned together should be enough to give jitters to any Ferrari fan. It’s obvious then why the location of the facility is undisclosed.

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