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2005 Ford GT-Jay Lenos Garage

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Jay Leno looks into the design of the 2005 Ford GT

The latest installment of Jay Leno’s Garage is 40-minute-long and filled with incredible behind-the-scenes tales on the 2005 Ford GT design process.

It’s 40 minutes long. But if you are a fan of the Ford GT, then this is a rewarding way to spend those minutes. Trust us, you’ll love the previously-unknown info about what really went into the design phase of the first-generation Ford GT which was launched in 2005. Jay Leno’s Garage opened its doors to the Chief Designer of the car – Camilo Pardo – who spoke in vivid detail about the design process of the modern classic.

Jay Leno’s very own 2005 Ford GT is around in the frame from beginning to end as the chat show host and renowned car collector discusses with the designer on the first-gen Ford GT. We’re not going to spoil anything for you as some of the stories and points have to be heard from Pardo himself for the best impact.

The first-gen Ford GT was a proper love letter to the original GT40 Le Mans race cars from the 1960s. Unlike the second-gen Ford GT, the 2005 model’s design stayed loyal to the racing car on many aspects. The design and engineering teams faced major challenges in making the Ford GT as practical and liveable as a road car while still being a tribute to the 1960s GT40. Hear them all in the video below.

The red Ford GT in the video is an important car in the first-gen Ford GT production run. The 12th car to roll out of the production line, Leno’s GT followed the first 10 units which were built for the Ford family and car number 11 which was auctioned off for charity. Jay Leno picked up the 12th car again when the second-gen Ford GT was launched in 2017.

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage / YouTube

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