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Jay Leno-2017 Ford GT-Garage


Jay Leno Reviews his 2017 Ford GT

Jay Leno’s Garage just released a full-length video of his all-new Ford GT. Take a closer at Jay Leno’s spec as gives us a tour of his new Ford and later takes it out on the road for a quick review, as is the tradition.

May 24, 2017

Jay Leno is among the first few people to have received their new Ford GT. His 2017 Ford GT was recently delivered to his garage. The avid car collector will certainly give us a tour of his new supercar as part of the series- Jay Leno’s Garage. Can’t miss that one.

The spec on Jay Leno’s 2017 Ford GT is nothing too flamboyant. Jay has gone with a gloss black with red racing stripes which definitely look cool. Also, it seems like Leno has opted for the lightweight carbon fiber wheels for his GT.

We’re not sure what the interior looks like at this point of time but we’re guessing it will be a black with few red accents to match the theme. That said, it’s just a matter of time until more details about Jay Leno’s Ford GT are revealed.

Another celebrity who recently took delivery of his 2017 Ford GT is Andy Frisella. Checkout his ownership review here.

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