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Singer Porsche 911 Jay Leno


Jay Leno Drives the 100th Singer 911

Restoration is an art and when it comes to restoring the Porsche 911, no one does it better than Singer. The California-based company is known for restoring 911s from the air-cooled era. The brand has been alive and kicking for 10 years since its establishment in 2008 and recently completed its 100th car.

Before going to its owner in Alabama, the restored 964 generation 911 arrived at Jay Leno’s Garage. Singer’s Director of Client Relations Tim Gregorio was on hand to give him a tour of the car. The Singer Vehicle Design 911 has received rave reviews from world’s leading auto journalists and enthusiasts. Leno was equally smitten by the car.

But, what exactly makes the Singer 911 so special?

Starting with the engine, customers are offered a choice of three units, each a rebuilt version of the original flat-six, which was offered on the 964. This particular example uses the top end 4.0-liter unit producing 390 hp and 315 lb-ft which is an ample upgrade over the standard 964-generation 911’s 247 hp 3.6-liter mill.

The steel monocoque is retained but the entire body, except for the doors, is rebuilt from carbon fiber. The Singer 911 weighs just 1211 kg (2670 pounds) which is around 227 kg (500 pounds) lighter than the car it’s based on.  The suspension is an Öhlins TTX unit while the brakes are borrowed from the 993-generation 911 Turbo. The Singer 911 comes with an FIA-rated fuel cell.

The hundredth Singer 911 is finished in a subtle ‘Lunar Silver’ shade while the interior is an exquisite dark purple hue called Blackberry. The spec fits the dual character of the car precisely, we say.

All in all, the Singer 911 features additions and enhancements that amplify the character of the original car in just the right amount. The experience is now desired by a great number of Porsche owners around the world and according to Gregorio, the restoration company has deposits for another 130 cars.

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