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Ringbrohers 950hp Mustang Espionage visits Jay Leno's Garage


Ringbrothers 950hp Mustang Visits Jay Leno’s Garage

Ringbrohers 950hp Mustang Espionage visits Jay Leno's Garage

Remember Ken Block’s Hoonicorn from Gymkhana 7? If you think that’s the most outrageous Mustang, then wait till you see Ringbrothers 950hp Mustang.

Jay Leno invited the Ringbrothers over to his garage because he wanted to checkout their latest creation. It is called the Mustang Espionage and it has 950 hp from an engine that you might not expect to see in a 1965 Ford Mustang.

The Ringbrothers like carbon fiber and the Espionage has a lot of it. The whole body is custom designed carbon fiber panels that sit wider than the stock body. The interior is completely stripped of any luxurious except from a racing gauge, steering wheel, a gear shift and three pedals.

The engine is a 416 ci or 6.8-liter supercharged V8 from Chevrolet. I know, that doesn’t sound quite right. But, that’s what the customer had ordered and hence the weird combination. A six-speed manual transmission transfers all 950 hp to the rear wheels. The custom HRE rims had to be shod with massive rubber for good measure.

That said, Mustang purists need not worry as Ringbrothers will offer the Mustang Espionage with a Ford engine.  For now though, enjoy the sight and sound of this beautiful Mustang.

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Ringbrothers 950hp Mustang Visits Jay Leno’s Garage:

Source: Jay Leno’s garage via Youtube

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