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Ferrari F125 TDE-one-off-leaked-1


Is this the rumored one-off Ferrari F125 TDE?

This week, all eyes will be on Ferrari as it takes the wraps off the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A. Behind closed doors, Ferrari may have been working on yet another special edition.

While we were digging for information on this rumored one-off, we stumbled upon the image you see here. Could this be the Ferrari F125 TDE (Tour de España)?

This may not be its official name though as like the car itself, this information is also based on hearsay. However, if this is indeed the F125 TDE then we think it’s an absolute looker! They say Touring Superleggera may have designed it.

Ferrari P80-C-one-off-Prototipo-race-car-8

At first glance, the car doesn’t seem street legal. However, the Abu Dhabi number plate suggests otherwise. The Ferrari P80/C was a more recent special project, but that’s exclusively a track car.

While the F125 TDE is rumored to be based on the F12 TDF, it wears a totally different top hat. The exterior has been thoroughly restyled and features a wraparound windshield and fixed rear spoiler that neatly blends into the bodywork. Also, note the centre exhausts and the massive rear diffuser.

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