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Ferrari 812 Competizione could be the official name of the 812 GTO / VS

Yesterday, Ferrari revealed the much awaited hardcore version of the 812 Superfast. Maranello was kind enough to show us the coupe but decided to keep the Aperta under wraps. Also, what’s the car’s official name? Well, we think, we might have the answer.

Ferrari 812 Competizione-A

Image Credit: @torquespeak

The rumored Ferrari 812 GTO / Imola is likely to be named 812 Competizione. The Aperta will simply be referred to as the 812 Competizione A.

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While Ferrari hasn’t divulged any details about the new model, we do know that the car is powered by a 6.5-liter, naturally aspirated V12 engine that has been tuned to 830 hp. This makes it the most powerful combustion engine Ferrari has ever produced for a road car. Another highlight is the fact that it revs to 9500 rpm. It is said that the engine will be mated to a revised dual-clutch transmission and an updated F1 differential.

Ferrari 812 Competizione-3

The 812 Competizione is expected to be a lot lighter than the standard 812 Superfast. Moreover, the car also gets a substantially upgraded aerodynamics package. The front fascia has been heavily revised and so is the rear end. The 812 CompetizioneA will get a wraparound windshield like the F12 TRS.

Ferrari 812 Competizione-2

Ferrari will officially announce the two cars on May 5, 2021.

Source: @torquespeak

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