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rimac concept two walkaround


Get A Closer Look at the Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar

Rimac had unveiled the bonkers C_Two earlier this year at the Geneva Motor Show. Later, at Pebble Beach the company showcased its California edition. The beautiful baby blue example is still in the US and currently parked at Ferrari of Denver – one of the three authorized sellers for Rimac in the US. Youtuber Aaron Palos took this opportunity to take a closer look at the electric hypercar.

Thanks to the video, we have a better idea of the C_Two’s proportions and it seems to be much smaller than what the images made us believe. We were a little concerned about the new Rimac on the aesthetic front when it was first unveiled, owing to its unconventional take on the mid engine design with the long hood and the numerous strakes, intakes, and creases to draw the eye. But, as the video reveals, it all works well.

Being a next generation hypercar, the Rimac has an assortment of new technologies powered by artificial intelligence and it all starts even before you enter the vehicle. A facial recognition camera takes place of the traditional key fob to unlock the car. There is another camera that recognizes the person behind the wheel and configures the system for that particular driver. Rimac has promised that the C_Two will arrive with Level 4 autonomous technology. This means that the car will be able to operate without human input or oversight in most conditions. There is even a ‘driving coach’ that will assist the driver with driving on a track.

If you’re worried about things like the facial recognition system not working, fret not. Rimac is still working on the tech to make it perfect and won’t start production until that happens. The Croatian upstart estimates that the C_Two will be ready for deliveries by 2020.

The production will be limited to 150 units, most of which have already been spoken for. With 1900 hp from 4 electric motors and a 0-60 mph time of just 1.85 seconds, the Rimac C_Two is definitely a car to look forward to.

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