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Rimac Concept Two Electric Supercar almost sold out

The Rimac Concept Two (C_Two) almost sold out within weeks of its official reveal.

Rimac – the small Croatian electric supercar maker has announced that almost all 150 units of the Concept Two have been spoken for. The Rimac Concept Two made its debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. It is the successor to the Concept One and it doesn’t come cheap. One these costs over $2 million.

Apart from the price tag, the big highlight of the Concept Two is its powertrain. It has four electric motors powering each wheel connected to two separate single-speed gearboxes in the front and a pair of 2-speed gearboxes in the rear. A 120 kWh lithium-ion battery provides the juice for the electric motors that have a combined output of 1914 hp and a peak torque of 1696 lb-ft. That’s 414 hp more than what you get in a Bugatti Chiron.

Obviously, the claimed performance figures are equally mind-boggling. The Rimac Concept Two will accelerate from 0-60 mph 1.85 seconds. The claimed top speed is 258 mph, while range is 404 miles.

Rimac Concept_One sets new Electric Car Record at Goodwood

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