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Geneva Motor Show

2018 Geneva Motor Show: Rimac Concept Two electric supercar

Staggering performance figures of the Rimac Concept Two electric supercar revealed.

The press days for the 86th Geneva Motor Show start today and supercar makers of the world are ready to show off their new cars at the Palexpo. Among them is the Croatian electric car startup Rimac which will bring the successor to its much acclaimed Concept One electric supercar.

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We already know what the Concept Two will look like thanks to Rimac’s social media promotion campaign for the car and now few hours before the final reveal, the company has also provided a look at its performance numbers and behold! They are nothing short of staggering.

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Rimac Concept Two-2018 Geneva Motor Show-2

The motors inside the Concept Two will produce a total of 1914 horsepower. Yes! that’s a whole 414 horsepower more than the Bugatti Chiron. Rimac also claims an unprecedented 2300 Nm (1696 lb-ft) torque figure for its new hypercar which will help it accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 1.85 seconds – 0.65 second faster than the already stupendously fast Concept One.

Rimac Concept Two-2018 Geneva Motor Show-4

We will update this article with more details and figures as the Concept Two finally gets revealed at 14:30 CET at the Geneva Motor Show.

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