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Ferrari SF90 Stradale-Plug-in Hybrid


Four new Ferrari supercars confirmed for 2023

Ferrari has announced that it plans to launch four new models this year. While the automaker hasn’t revealed the exact details of its upcoming high-performance sports cars, we can certainly hazard an educated guess.

Ferrari Roma Spider

2020 Ferrari Roma-3

The Ferrari Roma has been in production since 2020. This year, we will witness the launch of the Roma Spider. According to some reports, the Roma Spider will debut as early March. It is said that the unveiling is likely to take place in Morocco.

The Roma Spider could replace the ageing Portofino M in Ferrari’s line-up. The convertible Roma is likely to be powered by a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, which makes 611 hp and 560 lb-ft of torque.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale “Versione Speciale”

Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid supercar is due to get an update this year. Dubbed the SF90 Stradale “Versione Speciale”, it is expected to get minor exterior changes along with a few performance upgrades.

Ferrari 812 Superfast replacement

2020 Ferrari 812 GTS-Spider-6

The 812 Superfast, the brand’s flagship V12 grand tourer, is reaching the end of its lifecycle. It is due to be replaced with a new model.

We’ve been told that test mules of the 812 replacement disguised as the Roma coupe are already out in the wild.

Rumours suggest that the 812 replacement will be powered by a brand-new, naturally aspirated V12 engine. However, unlike the 6.5-liter unit that powers the 812, the new model is said to get a slightly smaller capacity engine.

The fourth Ferrari model due in 2023 is still unknown. The possibility of it being a special edition is high. Perhaps we will get to see the next supercar in the Icona Series.

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