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Ferrari Enzo crash Germany-1


Ferrari Enzo crashes on an Autobahn near Munich, Germany

A Ferrari Enzo has crashed in Germany. The multi-million dollar supercar was driving down the Autobahn near Munich when the driver lost control and wrecked.

According to media reports, the Ferrari Enzo collided with the median barrier, scattering debris over a 200-meter stretch. The driver is said to have sustained minor injuries. Another vehicle was also damaged in the accident due to flying debris.

Ferrari Enzo crash Germany-3

The images of the crash site show the Enzo in the second lane of the Autobahn, with its front end completely ripped apart. Prima facie, looks like a classic case of losing the rear end and crashing head-on into the barriers. Unlike the Ferrari Enzos that crashed in the UK and the Netherlands a few years ago, this car will require a complete front-end rebuild.

Given the value of these cars in today’s market, there’s no doubt, this Enzo will be restored to its former glory. That being said, it will put a massive dent in the pocket of the owner.

Source: Bild

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