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Ferrari Daytona SP3 K-track-car-rendering-1


Ferrari Daytona SP3 imagined as a track-focused supercar

While the Daytona SP3 may be inspired by Ferrari racecars from the yesteryears, but it seems to be more of a stylish riviera cruiser (using this term since it will probably be spending most of its time there) than an outright track weapon. Now, @amigodesigns has shown how a few modifications could transform it altogether.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 K-track-car-rendering-2

The track-focused “Daytona SP3 K” features a massive rear spoiler with large endplates. It seems like this top-mounted wing might even have a DRS function. The rear diffuser seems stock though. Similarly, the carbon side skirts and the front splitter have been retained. However, a couple of modifications have been made to the front aero package. A pair of canards have been added for extra downforce, while the splitter extensions should help channel the air towards the undertray. 

Ferrari Daytona SP3 K-track-car-rendering-5

As you may be aware, the Daytona SP3 is powered by a heavily modified V12 engine that powers the 812 Competizione. The 6.5-liter unit has been tuned to produce 850 hp and comes paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. 

We like the artist’s take on a track-focused Daytona SP3. It blends subtle sporty elements while retaining the classy look of the car. These brilliant renderings were made using Blender 3D. 

Source: @amigodesigns

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