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Mercedes-AMG Project One


Exclusive: More details of the Production-spec Mercedes-AMG One

Back in August this year, Mercedes had revealed a close-to-production prototype of the AMG One hypercar. From what we are gathering from our sources is that the final version will be slightly different from the car that was presented in 2018.

Based on unconfirmed reports, here are more details of the final version of the Mercedes-AMG One:

The production-spec AMG One is expected to receive a few exterior updates. It could get what is being termed as a “larger fixed aerodynamic part at the rear”. If you noticed, the prototype seen in an earlier video did feature an active rear spoiler. Could this new aero part be an F1-inspired T-wing?

Rumors suggest that the final car will have four exhaust outlets instead of three. Also, the wheel rims will be different from the ones seen on the prototypes.

Source have revealed that the car had a cold start issue during the development phase, which has now been resolved. Mercedes has also been working on optimizing the 1.6-liter V6 Hybrid E-turbo powerplant, which isn’t surprising. It now produces over 1200 hp!

Mercedes is reportedly working on reducing the noise levels inside the cabin. It is said that one of the final obstacles in the development of the car is the NVH.

While there are “other small details” that still need to be resolved, the project is on schedule and deliveries are expected to start in Q2-2021.

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