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Exclusive: Bugatti could showcase Track-only Electric Hypercar in October

Earlier this week, there was a report claiming that brand Bugatti was being sold to Croatian EV maker Rimac Automobili. From what we’ve been able to gather from our sources is that the idea doesn’t seem far-fetched. In fact, the Bugatti’s first electric hypercar with Rimac technology might just be around the corner.

Sources tell us that Bugatti might showcase an all-electric track-only hypercar as early as October 2020. It is said that “this car will serve as a technology showcase for the future”. Now, in an earlier article we had said that a track-focused Bugatti would be a logical step up from the low drag Super Sport 300+ and the Chiron Pur Sport. That said, we would’ve never guessed that it would be an electric car.

bugatti-vision-le-mans-concept (1)

It is said that the new track car is heavily inspired by the Bugatti Vision Le Mans concept. Unsurprisingly, it’s believed to use a Rimac-sourced electric powertrain. Sources have revealed that the track car could be built in extremely limited numbers or it might even be a one-off.

The CAR Magazine report also mentions a one-off zero-emissions track-only hypercar, which is consistent with what our sources have told us.

“According to those in the know, the CEO will in late October give green lights to Vision Le Mans, a brand-new one-off zero-emission track-only hypercar.”

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