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Gordon Ramsay's Ferrari F12 TDF in London


Gordon Ramsay’s New Ferrari F12 TdF in London

Gordon Ramsay's Ferrari F12 TDF in London

Apart from being a succesful chef, Gordon Ramsay is also known for his love of supercars. He is among the few Brits who own a LaFerrari. He also happens to own a white Ferrari F12 Tdf and was recently spotted in London.

The following video captures the celebrity chef starting up his F12 with a characteristic V12 roar and then quietly driving off in the distance.

Like the LaFerrari, Ramsay’s Ferrari F12 Tdf is a limited edition model which was sold to brand purists. It is finished in white with a black and grey stripe. Polished black wheels with grey calipers complete the monotone theme.

Now, the Ferrari F12 Tdf is based on the F12 Berlinetta and is powered by a 6.3-liter V12 engine that puts out 770 hp. Only 799 will be built and to own one you need to be in Ferrari’s good books. Gordon Ramsay is one of Ferrari’s regular customers and delivering his car would’ve been a priority for Maranello.

Gordon Ramsay’s NEW Ferrari F12 TDF – Startup!

Gordon Ramsay driving his new Ferrari F12 TDF in London!

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